90/10 principle

The 90/10 principle that has helped my weight loss

On my first weight loss journey I went hard. I counted every kilojoule, weighed and measured each and every meal and became completely and utterly obsessed with my daily intake. Never did a “bad choice” pass my lips. This methodology worked.  But losing weight this way was not fun, healthy or sustainable.

During this time I became so obsessed with my intake that I was heading down the road to a diagnosis of orthorexia nervosa, I kid you not. Today, my lifestyle would be considered “healthy” by most standards but I continue to enjoy “not so healthy” choices each and every week. I am a realist not a perfectionist and enjoy my food choices 100%. This is how I do it, it’s really a simple concept.

I stick to the 90/10 concept

90% of the time I eat foods that truly serve me, the rest of the time I give myself permission to I eat whatever it is I crave.

Interestingly enough, whilst my 90/10  lifestyle could be my downfall, it is actually serving me really well. You see, I am happy with this choice. I experience few cravings, and know that it is in my power to satisfy them should they crop up.  I have zero interest in going back to self-defeating habits and along with my exercise routines, eating with the 90/10 principlr in mind has allowed me to achieve a steady weight loss. Loving life, and winning.

I eat real food

Whilst the concept of eating real food, or clean eating has been very on trend of late but it is nothing new to me. I was fortunate to grow up on a small farm where a great percentage of our food was grown or raised by my parents. Our meals were deliciously simple, always in season and fresh. I was raised with a pitchfork in one hand and a wooden spoon in the other so I know how to grow it and cook it.

For a while, the busyness of working and raising a family away from the comforts of a farm took it’s toll and I ate much more processed, cheap and takeaway foods. This is when my struggle with weight began. Today, I eat real food about 90% of the time.  The remaining 10% I allow myself some “not so great” choices for my weight such as a glass or two of wine or a cheese plate.

I decided on my non-negotiables

Food should be enjoyed and not burdensome.  When designing my new lifestyle plan I considered what things I was not willing to consider giving up on the kilojoule front. These were my non-negotiables in food, the things that I 100% was not willing to sacrifice cause life without them would make me a little sad. My non-negotiables are lattes, cheese and wine. I allow myself to have lattes daily, cheese and wine no more than twice a week or in 10% of my meals.

I gave up the food guilt

Practicing food guilt brings about a whole lot of self loathing and unhelpful emotions. I decided that if I were to eat something that was not what I considered to be a “healthy choice” I would eat it, feel it and move on. To feel my food means that I consciously give myself the time to understand what eating certain foods does to me, on both a physical and emotional level. I use this exercise as a barometer to refer to next time I crave that energy source.

The results

During my first weight loss journey, I developed an unhealthy obsession with food. Since sticking to these new principles I have established a healthy relationship with food and a deeper respect for my body and self. Oh, and if it can’t get any better than that, I’ve actually been losing weight, and keeping it off.

My rules work for me

I encourage you to work out what works for you.

I am a big advocate for the concept of bio-individuality, a term coined by Joshua Rosenthal founder of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Its a simple concept that I hold true to in my coaching practices, bio-individuality means that we need to take the individual as exactly that, an individual, no one diet or lifestyle works for everyone. So I want for you to make your own rules and take Fearless Action to hold them true.

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