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I consider myself to be an Integrative Nurse Coach, with qualifications in Nursing and Health Coaching. By day I work as a Registered Nurse in a busy “super-clinic” and also as run my coaching practice, helping clients to reach their healthy weight in a safe and sustainable manner.

Through working with others I realised the importance of developing and following personalized plans, and utilise my prior work skills in project management to help my clients approach weight loss in a strategic manner, using both holistic health and conventional care theories.    

Weight loss is my jam, I live it everyday and am absolutely sick and tired of the utter rubbish I’m seeing out there. That is why I started this blog…..

I write this blog with the intention of bringing some truth to it all.

I write to educate, inspire and empower.

I write this blog for me, and for you.

I never thought I would specialise in weight management

Not in a million years did I think I would work with people wanting to lose weight. When I changed my career in my mid-thirties to train and then work as a nurse I did so to help people. I imagined the rush and buzz of an emergency room and the thrill of bringing people back to life. My interests turned when I took on a job as a weight loss consultant in my final year of studies. I found helping people through their weight loss journey extremely fascinating and rewarding work. I credit working as a weight loss consultant as a integral turning point in my career and my life.

Being Overweight Nearly Killed Me

Flashback to the worst years of my life…….

I was overweight and depressed. I lacked love and spirit. My life revolved around trying to make others happy whilst I became progressively more miserable. I was a horrible person to be around and my poor state of health and well-being showed in every aspect of my life.

In short, I was broken in every possible way.

In late 2013, After a particularly treacherous life event I had what I guess you could call an awakening. Oprah would define it as an a-ha moment. This was the moment that changed, and ultimately saved my life.

The most fundamental realisation I made was that I has allowed too much toxicity into my life. This came in many forms including foods, habits and relationships.  I realised the only way that I could repair my body and soul was to perform a complete cleanse and strip all of the toxins out of my life.

By stripping back the layers and ridding the toxicity I found love and pure joy.  I went from being overweight, unfit, unhealthy and sad to living a life full of health, happiness and joy, a life that I could have never imagined.

I succeeded in my goal, but it did not end there. I slipped, I faltered, I regressed. I see these experiences not as failures, but as lessons learned and believe they hold the key.

Join Me

The purpose of my practice is to help people who are committed to reaching their weight loss goals. I offer a personalized and private solution to those who are ready to commit to reaching their healthy weight. You can read about my services here.

I run my practice with the same heartfelt intention I held when I ventured into my nursing career,  to make a difference, for myself and for you. If I can help even




my work here is done.