What I learned from my first attempt to lose weight

What I learned from my first attempt to lose weight

My first attempt to lose weight came about in early 2014. I was broken and had become desperate to change my life. A friend had told me about a program that she had done that helped her lose weight and increase her fitness levels. I signed up and didn’t look back.

The program I signed up to was a typically standard weight loss program. Reduced energy intake combined with an intense work out regime. For months I counted every kilojoule and monitored every mouthful. I flogged myself at the gym and became unhealthily obsessed with every choice I made.

The work paid off, after three months I was two dress sizes smaller and fitter than I ever had been. But as the program came to an end and time went by I reverted to my prior habits, the weight crept back on and my fitness levels declined. Within 12 months I was back to the exact same point I had started and felt broken once more.

What I learned

As a nurse, I have become very good at reflecting on situations. So I out this skill to work and allowed myself some quiet contemplation time to work out where I had gone wrong. This is what I discovered.

1. My approach was not sustainable

I approached my first weight loss effort like a bull at a gate. Yes, I was successful in reaching my goal but I was not able to keep up the intensely restrictive routine. All of the weight I lost I regained.

  • Your approach needs to be sustainable.
  • Small changes over time WILL make a difference.
  • You should not commit to a lifestyle change unless you are willing to commit to it for life.
2. The program I took was not right for me

Yes it worked, but long term maintaining this program was not achievable for me. It was too restrictive, to intense and too time consuming. It may have been the right program for some, but not for me.

  • There is no one solution for everyone – if there was the weight loss industry would not be the multi-billion one it is today.
  • Sometimes, working out what is right for you takes time, and that’s OK.
  • You have to be true to yourself and do whats right for you.
3. A support system is key

When you run into tough times, and I guarantee you will, you need to be able to access prompt and reliable support.  The program I took offered support by way of a Facebook group. In theory I have to quams with this concept however when you are part of a group that has thousands of members, getting true support is near to impossible.

  • You need to have someone, who you trust, to lean on and back you up.
  • Ideally, this person should be trained in weight loss and almost as engaged in your success and you are.


4. You have to sort out your mind first

When I commenced my journey when I was in a really bad mental place. I was angry, hurt and lost. I approached my weight loss journey with little regard to the mental side, but my reflections uncovered that I needed to work on this first.

  • Any effort you exert will not work long term until you deal with the emotional stuff.
  • You have to understand what brought you to this place before being able to understand how to leave it.
  • Your head will heal or hurt you. You have to get it right. Simple as that.
Work with me

As an Integrative Nurse Coach specializing in healthy weight loss I have your back. I am trained and experienced in dealing with the individual as a whole and understand the challenges that losing weight can bring.

If you are ready to lose weight, and keep it off I invite you to make an appointment for an Initial Consultation so that we can discuss the best way forward for you.