The Value of Laser Focus

The Value of Laser Focus

I’ve been meeting with a client, lets call her Helen, every fortnight for the last 12 months. She came to me with strong determination and the required drive to lose weight, and being my ideal client I of course agreed to help her. Helen is a smart woman who knows what she wants. She’s an avid researcher, but this is what has led her to become unstuck.

Since working together, Helen has lost weight. I cannot tell you how much as she flatly refuses to weigh herself or take measurements – her choice, but not one I would recommend. She tells me that her clothes are looser and it is evident that something has changed as she has a glow she’s not had before. This is a great achievement.

But – Helen came to me to lose weight, and for her it has been a much slower process than it needed to be. Why? Well, her incessant need to research has let her down. She’s been suffering so much information overload that it has totally complicated her thought process.

Our Agreement

Helen has completely complicated her weight loss plan by throwing too much into the mix. When I work 1-1 with clients, I educate them of the importance of working on one thing at a time and getting that right before moving onto the next task.

Today I asked Helen to step back from everything she was doing to concentrate on just one thing. I challenged her to form a laser focus over the next two weeks on an agreed task. During this time she was not to investigate other weight loss options or add other tasks or challenges into the mix.

What is Laser Focus?

The Buddhists believe in the concept of “Being Here Now”.  Put simply, this means to put all of your efforts and focus into the task at hand. For example, to apply this practice whilst having a conversation means you would simply and totally concentrate your efforts on the person you were having the conversation with. You would not be looking at your phone, making a mental shopping list. or thinking about anything else but the conversation at hand.

To apply this theory to weight loss, you would focus on just one thing at a time. Laser focus, the kind that cannot be swayed by another passing moment or idea. For example, you know that X,Y and Z need improvement. You apply laser focus to X then move onto Y.

What is the benefit of applying laser focus?

Weight loss journeys are often confusing, exhausting and chock full of minefields. Applying the laser focus technique helps you to tune into your needs and ace one element before complicating things with the addition of another. Yes, it does slow the weight loss process but makes for a more successful one long term.

And so, to Helen

During our conversation today, Helen admitted that her tendency to research and try new things was wearing her out. She agreed to apply laser focus over the next two weeks and was able to explain to me the exact task she was going to focus on. I’m sure with her new found laser focus, she’ll do great.